Demo (2009)

Demo de Winterburst

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  1. Son Of Mars
  2. The Sign Of The Black Ivy
  3. Enthronement Ceremony
  4. The 7th Circle
  5. Circle Of Despair
  6. Blessing Of The Evil

The Mind Cave (2011)

Album The Mind Cave

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Note de musiqueWinterburst - The Upcoming Chaos

  1. A Mirror's Game
  2. The Mind Cave
  3. The Immortals
  4. Insanitarium
  5. ...D'ombres et D'Infini
  6. Circus Of Freaks
  7. The Stray
  8. The Ancestral Ritual
  9. Beyond The Wall
  10. Legion Of Souls
  11. The Upcoming Chaos
  12. Beyond The Wall (Orchestral)